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Face serums and treatments are the graduate school of skin care; it's important to understand the basics before incorporating this group of intensive oils, masks, extracts and creams if you want to get the very best results. There are facial serum treatments for all skin types, although the most popular serums tend to include vitamin C and vitamin E as well as alpha and beta hydroxyl acids.

Some hydrating serums and treatments may be used in place of your daily moisturizer or applied beforehand (each skin type and product is different).

SkinCeuticals corrective serums are concentrated formulations designed to prevent and correct the appearance of specific skin concerns and conditions. Clinically proven to improve the look of discoloration, wrinkles, acne, excess oil, and more, these powerful serums are essential for achieving optimal skin health.

The serum formulas available through Image Skincare are a healthy and simple way to rejuvinate skin and reduce the effects of aging. These serums are individually formulated to manage specific skin care needs. This targeted treatment allows for the fastest and most effective results. All Image Skincare serums are paraben free and made with the highest quality ingredients.

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